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This time I saved myself some money on my Insurance renewal.

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Previously I posted about how I had saved my Dad a lot of money on his car insurance.  I even got a mention in a national newspaper about it!

Well this time I have worked my magic on my own renewal.

It wasn’t such a huge saving as I found for my Dad, but then I do shop around every year for mine whereas it took years of asking before he would let me check.

My Renewal.

Despite having another year’s No Claims Bonus (or Discount, whichever it is called these days) my insurance renewal quote had increased by £30 to £700.  Why?  Am I being charged more for the all uninsured drivers out there?  My insurance should be going down not up.

I tried several price comparison sites – A Spokesman Said, Go Compare and COmpare The Market – and the best quote I received was £600.  A saving of £100.  Which was good enough for me.  However as well as saving money I would be getting increased cover.

I already had Legal Protection, Breakdown Cover and Key Care within my renewal price.  My new quote gave me all this PLUS NCB protection (I can claim once without affecting my discount) AND a guaranteed replacement car should my car be damaged or stolen.  Generally a courtesy car is only offered for non fault claims and then only if one is available.


After checking comparison sites for the best quote, I then cleared my cookies and hit the cashback sites.  I then obtained a quote with the same intermediary for the same price as the comparison site.  Buying the insurance through a cashback site credited me immediately with £25 with a further £40 if I renew next year.

The annoying thing.

The annoying thing is that both policies are underwritten by the same company, so why the difference in price?  Also, when I phoned up to cancel my renewal I was offered a lower price.  So why couldn’t that be the figure offered on my renewal?  It just shows that companies do expect their customers to just pay up and not question them.

So always, always shop around.



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