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Differences between US and UK supermarket coupons as I understand them.

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I have posted before about Extreme Couponing and how I swing between wanting and not wanting to try it.  Well once again I am in the want to try it camp.

But I think I am going to have to go to the US to give it a go.

We just do not have the same system here in the UK to be able to create the stockpiles that we can see and covet.

Here are just some of the differences as I see them.

Doubling Coupons.

In the US, some supermarkets will double the face value of the coupon, this is generally with the lower value ones – 50c, 75c.  This happens automatically at the till.

In the UK the value on the coupon is the maximum deducted at the checkout.  And if the value of the item is slightly less than the coupon value, then the value the item scanned at is deducted, not the value of the coupon.

Stacking Coupons.

In the US you can sometimes ‘stack’ coupons.  This means using a manufacturer’s coupon along with a supermarket specific coupon on the same item.

Here in the UK, majority of coupons have ‘cannot used with any other offer or voucher’, or some variation, printed as part of the terms and conditions.


Apparently in the US, if the coupon is for more than the scanned value of the item, the overage will be taken off the total bill.  This reduces the cost of items for which you do not have coupons.

In the UK, the maximum deduction is just the value of the scanned item.


If your coupons total more than your shopping, then in the US some supermarkets will give you a gift card with the credit amount added to use on your next visit.

In the UK?  Ha!

Bulk Pre-Ordering.

Some US stores allow you to pre-order bulk purchases to enable you to make your maximum saving.

In the UK some stores have a maximum purchase of six offer items.


So those are just a few differences between US and UK supermarket coupons as I see them.  Let me know if there are more.



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