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£25 travel credit when you sign up with Airbnb

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Airbnb is a great way to find new and different places to stay.  Yes, they are privately owned properties rather than chain owned.  And yes, the rooms can sometimes just be an en-suite in someone’s home.  But sometimes you can find a gem.

I had always been wary about booking with Airbnb, it just feels a bit wrong.  BUT I am starting to change my mind.

My friends throw a Halloween party every year, they live near Norwich so it is a bit too far to get a taxi back afterwards, so I turn it into a long weekend and treat myself to a few nights in a hotel.  Or, I should say THE hotel as there is only one in the village.

So I checked out Airbnb.

Last year the owners of the hotel began renting out a studio apartment above their garage.  It suited me to a tee.  So I booked through the website and paid nearly £300 for 3 nights.  I have been looking to book for this year (I have to book early due to such a small availability of accommodation).  The same studio apartment is on Airbnb with prices starting at just £70 per night!

I am more than happy with that price.

I have also had a look for Spanish accommodation.  For the last few years I have not been able to afford a trip abroad, but once I can, I will definitely be making Airbnb my first port of call.  Travelling alone, I cannot use traditional travel agents due to the single person tax they all apply, so accommodation and flights have to be booked separately.  I wouldn’t mind paying a single person tax so much if the hoteliers received it, but having spoken to a few, it appears that they don’t.  I do know the sort of accommodation that I like, but if I can find a bargain then that can’t be bad!

Sign up here to claim your free £25 travel credit and see where it can take you.

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